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Training, FBO, CBO, Fundraising



July 09 - 13, 2024

One stop solution for all your Project Needs

In English, Français  and Spanish

Training on Renewable Energy Sources
Online  Training 

July 9 - 13, 2024

What you will learn during  this Training:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy

  • Solar – Hot water: different size systems Solar – Cooling

  • Solar – Electric off-grid

  • Solar – Electricity for Schools

  • Solar – Electricity for Hospitals

  • Solar – Electricity for Small Business and Agriculture

  • Solar – Electricity for Houses

  • Usage of Biogas

  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Renewable Energy Fundings for Renewable Energy projects

Who should attend the training

  • BEGECA partners in Renewable Energy Projects.

  • Diocesan / Congregational decision-makers, who want equip themselves with better knowledge of energy-choices in their fields of responsibility.

  • Religious Congregations running Hospitals, Schools or any energy using enterprise

  • The Finance team who are facing high energy costs to have better savings

  • Networking with Industry Professionals and partners to enhance their knowledge

  • Everyone working  on SDGs, Caritas & Justice and Peace commissions

  • Everyone planning to create Renewable Energy Policy for their Organizations

Project Management and Fundraising Training
Onsite at Dubai, UAE

September 2 - 6, 2024

Who should attend this Training:

This training is ideal for anyone working in Project Office of FBOs or CBOs, engaged in preparing project proposals. It will suit ideally for the following job profiles:

  • Project Manager, Project Coordinator, Project Officers, Communication Manager and Development Professionals.

  • Board Members, Provincial Leaders, Responsible for Apostolate of Congregations, Volunteers at Project Sites, Project Writers, Mission Procurators and Missions Secretaries.  

  • New to the Development  Sector, Members of FBOs and CBOs.

  • Interested or responsible persons who  write Project Proposals for their Congregation or Organisation. 

Consultancy Services

Our Consultancy Services are tailor made to help organisations to achieve their goals and fulfil their mission. It includes the following areas:

  1. Guidance for Project Proposal Preparation 

  2. Guidance for Project Report Preparation

  3. Funding Agency Identification for Projects

  4. Support for Baseline Survey and Analysis

  5. Support for conducting Need Analysis in a given area

  6. Advice for Project Office Establishment 

  7. Guidance for Visiting Donor Agencies in Europe and United States 

  8. Advice to design Project Management Policies for Organisation / Congregation.

  9. Developing a Fundraising Strategy for the Organisation / Congregation.

  10. Guidance for Fundraising through social media

Explore our custom made Silver and Golden packages which suits your requirements.

Business Interview

Online Content Service

Tulip provides the individuals of FBOs and CBOs with handy tools to update their knowledge on Fundraising and Project Management. 

Image by Wes Hicks

A.  Tulip Funding Guide

B.  Recordings of Tulip Trainings

C.  Publication of Books and E Guides



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