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Tulip provides the individuals of FBOs and CBOs with handy tools to update their knowledge on Fundraising and Project Management. 

A.  Tulip Funding Guide

B.  Recordings of Tulip Trainings

C.  Publication of Books and E Guides

Online Content Service

A. Tulip Funding Guide

Responding to the need for a directory to look for donor agencies, Tulip offers an online, easily searchable database of 1000 donor agencies under various categories. 


The work for Tulip Funding Guide is under progress and it is planned to be released in October 2024. More details will be provided here before the release of Tulip Funding Guide.


You may express your interest by clicking below.  

1. Contemporary Fundraising Methods and Strategies   

  • Available from 1st November 2023

  • English and French versions

  • Cost for Six Months access : 150 Euro.


2. Project Proposal using Logical Framework Approach 

  • Available from 1st January 2024

  • English and French versions

  • Cost for Six Months access : 200 Euro.

B. Recordings of Tulip Trainings

All Trainings conducted online by Tulip will be made available for customers who want to learn at their own timings. The video recordings of the lectures by Trainers, Presentations done and reading materials provided are available with this educational package. The following Trainings will be available during the time frame given below.

C. Publication of Books and e-Guides

Tulip Management Consultancy engages also in the publications of books and booklets on a wide range of topics connected with International Development, Project Management and Fundraising. Some of the topics which are selected for initial release are Sustainable Development, Logical Framework Approach, Monitoring and Evaluation, Baseline Survey Methods, Participatory Rural Appraisal, Guidebooks for Proposal Preparation, Fundraising Methods, Disaster Management and other socially relevant publications. You may visit this page to learn about our forthcoming releases. 

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